Vijaya Gadde Net Worth In 2022: Income And Salary of Chief Legal Officer, Twitter in 2022

Vijaya Gadde is a well-known American attorney who currently serves as Twitter’s policy, safety, and legal lead director, as well as chief legal officer and general counsel. She was named the most powerful woman on Twitter’s executive team by Fortune in 2014, though she was later joined by Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland.

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Politico predicted that in 2020, “the most powerful technology executive you’ve never heard of” will emerge. Currently, her followers are looking for information on Vijaya Gadde’s Husband, Parents, Siblings, Wiki, Biography, Age, and Net Worth.

Vijaya Gadde Net Worth: How much is she worth & her salary?

Bloomberg reports that she earned $451,00 in 2014 when she sold 13,346 of her shares at a price of $33.77 per share. Currently, she holds around 848,296 shares. If her shares were valued at today’s Twitter share price, she would receive $26,297,176.

According to these figures, Vijaya Gadde’s net worth is projected to be in excess of $30 million. Vijaya Gadde earns a total of $7,900,600 as Twitter Inc.’s Chief Legal Officer and Secretary. Vijaya Gadde is Twitter Inc.’s Chief Legal Officer and Secretary. There is no executive at Twitter Inc who is compensated more than his or her peers.

Vijaya Gadde Net Worth How much is she worth & her salary

Vijaya Gadde Early life: Born, Study & Migration to America!

Gadde was born in India and moved to Beaumont, Texas with her family when she was three years old. She graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in industrial and labor relations in 1997 and from New York University with a law degree in 2000.
Vijaya received his schooling at a neighborhood school. She subsequently continued her education at Cornell University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in labor and industrial relations. She, too, is a graduate of the New York University School of Law.

Vijaya Gadde Early life Born, Study & Migration to America!

Vijaya Gadde Personal life: Husband & Children!

Vijaya is a married mother of two. Additionally, she is the mother of two children. However, the lady has made no reference to her spouse or children. Gadde’s parents are pleasant people. Furthermore, she looks to be the only child. Apart from that, there is no information accessible on family members.

The professional life of Vijaya: Life before joining Twitter!

Before joining Twitter in 2011, she worked for nearly a decade at the Silicon Valley law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rodati (WSGR). She later worked as a Senior Director at Jupiter Networks’ legal department, a Silicon Valley technology company. During her tenure at WSGR, she worked on the $4.1 billion McClatchy Co-Knight Ridder Inc. acquisition in 2006 and served as counsel to the NYSE’s proxy working group and Committee on Corporate Governance.

The professional life of Vijaya Life before joining Twitter!

Gadde joined Twitter in 2011 and served as the company’s Legal Director for corporate and international affairs from July 2011 to August 2013. She later served as a General Counsel and Secretary at Twitter till 2018. Since 2018, she has been responsible for Twitter’s corporate and international legal operations.

Vijaya Gadde and Elon Musk Controversy:

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, is reviving the thrill of the Donald Trump era when the Twitter CEO would unveil “law” in response to a misspelled midnight tweet. Musk, with his harsh and frequently mischievous humor, is in command of his spelling but is equally vicious when it comes to shaming those he dislikes.

He went after Vijaya Gadde, whom he described as a “conscience keeper” for Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and the person who made the decision to deplatform Trump. Musk jumped straight in on a tweet where Gadde was being blasted by the name “for sobbing while speaking with her staff about the takeover.”

Vijaya Gadde and Elon Musk Controversy

He asserted that Twitter (read Gadde) erred in combating falsehoods around a news story about Hunter Biden, the son of US Vice President Joe Biden and that it should not have blocked the account and reach of a New York (NY) Post reporter. This was pure Musk. Without remorse “and fully aware of the abuse trolls would unleash on the immigrant.”

If the commentariat was almost unanimous in its prediction that Musk would fire Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, shooting at Gadde was almost that.

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