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rcc, yke, e3, w, g, rzu, 4, iqy, m49, US To Ban TikTok And WeChat in 48 Hours. What Will The Decision Be?
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US To Ban TikTok And WeChat Within 48 Hours What Will The Actual Decision Be? Will It Benefit The People?

The US on Friday finally passes the order to ban the Chinese apps Tiktok and WeChat. The orders will be followed on from Sunday to save the heritage of the country. It is for the safety of the entire country and for all the individuals who were trending on the specified social media. India was the first country ever to ban Chinese apps. And not just one but more than 100 apps of the Chinese productions were forbidden. And all of this to protect the legacy of the country. To protect the sovereignty, integrity and to safeguard the nation as a whole.

And referring to India’s decision President Trump also signed an agreement last month. In this agreement, it was clearly stated that the US would ban the two apps – Tiktok and WeChat nationwide. This was to happen from September 15 if the Chinese do not agree to sell the companies to America. President was very serious and clear about the ownership of the apps.

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China Accuses US Of Bullying?

And reacting on these orders on Sunday, China’s ministry of commerce (MOC) lashed out on Trump. They accused that it was all a part of the plan to block the downloads of the apps. Nonetheless, on Sunday, these orders will also reach Google and Apple, and the apps would be delisted from there as well.

The blockade of the apps would lead the Google Play Store and Apple play store not to let the users download it anymore. However, the people who have it in their phones can continue to use it until the government passes a fresh order to stop the system. Also, the android users can still download the app from the APK files, but sadly, the iOS users do not have that option. The people who have it may not find any issue as of yet.

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Furthermore, China has accused the USA of bullying the apps, and the battle is still very much in line. Let’s see how this all tends to end. Stay tuned, and you shall know.

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