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Update On TikTok Deadline: Trump Says There Won’t Be An Extension “It’ll Either Be Closed Up Or They’ll Sell It”

Donald Trump
Source: The Indian Express

On Thursday, President Donald Trump firmly said that there will be no extension of the approaching ‘TikTok‘ deadline. By mid-September, ByteDance, the Chinese company, will have to sell its popular app Tik-Tok’s U.S. assets or have the app banned.

Trump says, before boarding Air Force One for Michigan, that: “We’ll see what happens it’ll either be closed up or they’ll sell it”.
The President’s comments prove his steadfast approach towards the app following his declaration in July to ban it in the U.S.
He also claimed in August that there is proof that ByteDance may do something that can lead to the impairment of America’s national security.

Did TikTok Respond On the Whole Situation?

Source: Reuters

‘TikTok’ did not provide any comment on the matter directly.

Also, ByteDance has been searching for a buyer in order to arrive at a conclusive deal by mid-September. They are trying to support Trump’s order to strip off the assets of TikTok.

However, the app has sued Trump’s administration for giving out a “heavily politicised” executive order.
They stated that they would have loved to engage in constructive dialogue and avoid litigation. But, with the executive order threatening to put an end on their U.S. operation, they have no other choice.
The ban on the app will result in the elimination of the creation of about 10,000 American jobs. It will also harm the interest of millions of American users who look to this app for fun and entertainment.
While TikTok’s struggle for survival in America continues, Microsoft has emerged as its highly unlikely saviour.
The app is highly popular in the U.S. and other Western countries. It became the first social media platform from China to gain such a market outside its home country.
The critics of the app believe that the data collected by it from its American users could go to the Chinese government. TikTok has repeatedly clarified that it stores its data outside China and would resist any attempt to seize information.
Experts of cybersecurity have informed that the risk of TikTok towards national security is mainly theoretical. There is no proof to back up the idea that anyone can compromise the app’s user data.

Is There Any Possibility Of Avoiding The Sale?

Looks like, the sale is close to being inevitable.

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On Thursday, Republican Senator Josh Hawley told Reuters that he does not conform to the idea of an extension on the deadline.

Hawley says that the outcome must involve a full sale at any cost or else he is not going to support it.

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