US Police Officer Salaries in 2022

The USA is among the top five countries regarding the highest average salary rate among police officers. This profession is not considered the most prestigious one. However, the salary of patrolmen and patrolwomen in the United States is considered normal for the country.

Hence, a detective in the US earns about $82,000 – $122,000 per year. Police commissioners annually get over $150,000. Federal police officers always get high wages and prestigious cars. The US salary system for police officers provides additional monetary compensation for the length of service. It increases after 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of service. On average, across the country, police officers earn the same in all states. The difference can be from two or three thousand dollars a year, which is not a significant advantage. The average wage of police officers depends only on their ranks and units.

As statistics show, most policemen remain in the rank of officer, receiving about $43,000 a year, since the qualification exam for the highest ranks is very difficult. Practice shows that only 7% of candidates can pass this exam successfully. However, the salary of an officer is very solid, although there are more highly-paid professions in the United States, such as lawyers, engineers, and doctors.

Police officers in the US can also count on some benefits. In addition to a quick retirement, a police officer in the United States can count on health insurance for the whole family, a discount on the purchase of the real estate, or monthly rent. Police officers are also granted extended paid leave.

Thus, the salaries of police officers in the US are relatively high and stable. They never go below $38,000. At the same time, only a small number of police officers, the most talented ones, will be able to advance further in the service by passing a very difficult exam.

How to become a police officer in the USA?

To become a police officer, one must be at least 21 and not older than 35 years old and have no criminal record. Moreover, all candidates must undergo mandatory training at the academy for a period of 6 to 12 months. Additional requirements for the candidate include a high school diploma, a driver’s license, and an impeccable reputation. Upon completion of training, the graduate is awarded the rank of police officer. After graduation, a newly minted police officer starts patrolling the streets.

Interestingly, ranks in the US police are not awarded for merit but according to the results of an extremely difficult test. If an exam is passed successfully, the police officer becomes a detective. To move to the next level, you must complete higher education and pass the test again. The detective can be promoted to sergeant, who, in turn, can become a captain. Then, you can become an inspector, the chief of police, the assistant commissioner of police, and, finally, the commissioner. A police officer can retire after 20 years of service.


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