US Intelligence Claims Russian Bounties Offerings To Taliban In Afghanistan

US military intelligence interrogations have received petrified inputs. The latest inputs are from Afghanistan.
According to sources, there is a strong link between the death of US service members with Russia. Some inputs are suggesting Russian bounties indeed have a very special role in the incident.

Also, Russian bounties were offered to Taliban militants to attack coalition forces. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the deaths of several members of US special forces.

Subsequently, recent interrogations are ongoing. Interrogations with militants captured from Afghanistan are effectively helpful for intelligence.

Further, this should be noted, deaths are a result of “green on blue” hostile incidents. The incidents are believed to have a relationship with the Taliban.
The special forces and intelligence inputs led to an extremely high-level meeting. The restricted meeting was held at White House in late March.

In the meeting, the discussions were about diplomatic relations with Russia. Response to the action to Russian bounties was also discussed.
Although, Sanctions were importantly a part of the meeting agenda. The anonymous reports reveal the immense sensitivity of the issues. Particularly, it is unclear whether the discussion led to any date.

Moreover, intelligence typically involves the CIA and National Security Agency. They capture radiations from cellphone and radio communication. These kinds of inputs are reliable.

The National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien is majorly responsible. He will draft the final policy in response to a sensitive issue.

The assessment is in progress to draft the action of US special forces. They have to combat the Taliban along with the mischievous foreign affairs.

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