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University Of North Carolina Issued New Guidelines Will Run From Online Mode: Reported Huge Number Of New Corona Cases!!

University of North Carolina fighting against Coronavirus

As the United States is walking ahead in unlock stages to restart everything but it’s not that easy. All the States in the United States are in various stages or phases of unlocking, just to get back in the track.
Furthermore, The economy is severely affected. The educational institutions are closed for months.
It is not that easy to get back everything. Also, Coronavirus is still persistent in the United States. The college website shows 135  New cases on the college website. Out of 135, 130 are students and 5 are faculty members.

The University was just reopened

Continuing with these, the University of North Carolina has announced some immediate changes. Moreover, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has started its classes about a week ago.
But within a week, the University has reported about 135 New cases of Coronavirus infection.
And keeping these reports in mind the University of North Carolina has decided to remove the students. As of now, it is probably the first University which has sent its students back to their homes.

New announcement

From August 19, Wednesday all of the undergraduate classes will be virtual until further notice. The University of North Carolina has announced this big news on Twitter.
Subsequently, This decision has been taken after consulting the local authorities and health experts.  The idea of de-densify the University Campus is really the need of the hour.
The Covid dashboard of the University has been showing the number of active cases. As of now, 950+ students have been tested. Out of the 177 are in isolation and more than 340 are in Quarantine. Hopefully, conditions will become better in the upcoming time.
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