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Here It Goes Again! China And A New Deadly Virus?

Chinese health officials claim that there is a new virus emerging from Kazakhstan, which is even worse and deadlier than Coronavirus.

A Deadly Virus

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The government of China stated that its neighbouring country Kazakhstan has been dealing with a far deadlier virus than COVID-19.

Kazakhstan is in lockdown from March just like every other country in the world, and then they lifted many additional restrictions, and now again they have gone into intense lockdown.

It has been said that it is all because of the second wave of the Coronavirus, but it is still not clear if that’s the truth or there is a new virus in the country.

Kazakhstan’s Reply

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Kazakhstan has a spike of pneumonia case, and at first in China, everyone thought of COVID-19 virus as pneumonia before it was identified as Coronavirus.

Therefore it is still a mystery why China jumped to say its a new virus. Maybe they are just trying to divert the world’s attention from them because its obvious they may have things to hide as they have done it before.

But Kazakhstan refuses all these claims and says that they only have widespread of Coronavirus. And it has been a month since China made this claim.




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