Two People Stabbed On NJ Beach, Turns Labor Day Bloody- How Did It Happen?

The Point Pleasure Beach of Jersey Shore in New Jersey (NJ) witnessed the stabbing of two people. Reports says that after the weekend of labor day the beach turned out bloody because two groups of people caused unrest in the public area.

Witnesses say that they saw a fight broke out between two groups of people and they heard yelling and screaming. Soon they had their knives out and hence the onlookers decided to call the police.

But unfortunately by the time police reached their two people were already suffering from stab wounds. The vacationers and the visitors were enraged because of the incident that took place. Eventually, one witness explained that how beaches are a place for people to relax especially when it’s Labor Day.

He further said that their are all decent families present there and it is not good to create such chaos in a family-public place. No doubt America’s 22 states are already suffering from the wrath of coronavirus. And among the infection this type of incidents and attacks is problematic for everyone.

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Police officers handled the situation!

After the police officers made their appearance and the lifeguards of the beach were notified of the situation, the stabbed were rushes to the hospital. They were ongoing health care in the Jersey Shore Medical Center. The extent of their wounds and their health is unknown as of yet! But while the victims were carried, officers says they were conscious of their surroundings.

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Mayor of the NJ Beach addresses!

Then the mayor of the Point Pleasure Beach- Paul Kanitra came to know about the incident and he then addressed the entire situation on Facebook. He also thanked all the informers, onlookers, Lifeguards and police officers for the quick action that they took, Because of all of them combined the incident didn’t take much dangerous turn.

The officers has also kept in custody another two men who were found guilty. Rest of the news make take a little more time but till then Stay tuned with us. The investigations are still going!

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