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Labor Day To Be In Jeopardy Because Of The Rising Coronavirus In US?

Coronavirus as usual continues to make the human beings of earth suffer. We have already lost a million of them to this crazy virus but somehow it seems we haven’t won the battle. Just like this US health observed the most shocking spike in the infection this week.  Health reports speaks of how coronavirus is rising in 22 states out of 50 in the US as of this day.

Moreover, worrisome thing here is that the reports linked to this has come out on the weekend of Labor day. Now, Labor day is considered as one of the most auspicious day in US. The Americans celebrate the ending of the summer and welcome winter with open arms. Therefore, there are a lots of family gatherings and celebrations to be done.

Reports for Coronavirus!

However, three weeks ago the cases only in three states, Hawaii, Illinois and South Dakota were rising.

Nurses and health care workers light candles outside Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Hospital on Friday. They mourn and remember their colleagues who died during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The US is going into the Labor Day holiday weekend with an average of 44,000 new cases a day.

Reasons for the sudden spike of corona cases?

Many health experts put forwards reasons as the July spike on social gatherings held around Memorial Day.

At the same time, the United States continues to average about 1,000 new deaths from COVID-19 each day, with the total number of lives lost approaching 190,000 — the highest death toll in the world. Truly this is so sad.

Also, the large gatherings taking place despite the warnings of health experts. Then comes the cases from protests against racial injustice to rallies in support of President Donald Trump. Also, in many areas schools and colleges were reopened after a long holiday.

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The government’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has said that it is crucial that the outbreak be contained before the cold weather sets in. Once winters set in, it will be difficult to handle the cases. America also always have to deal with Influenza and handling the virus with it would be a lot more difficult than it looks.

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