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Twitter Slams Trump And His Tweet That Said The Voters Should Vote Twice!

The apps and social media which Trump so proudly continues to weaponize for his profit’s sake are now turned against him. Yes, Facebook and Twitter both have given Trump a warning about his recent tweets and posts. In his posts and tweets, he nudges people to vote twice. However, The apps did not remove whatever Trump posted. They just left him with a strict warning.

In the posts, he urged the citizens of North Carolina To visit the ballot even if they already have voted once. And this is an action that the authorities have explicitly warned against. Submitting the mail in the poll again is considered a crime and can be dealt with, with severe consequences. Being the ruling president of the country, how can even A president say such things?. Breaking the rules right in front of all the nationals and international people.

Donald Trump Being Slammed On Twitter!

Trump further said, “make sure your Ballot COUNTS” by visiting polling places to “see if it was COUNTED. IF NOT, VOTE!”. North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stien tweeted in response to the President’s tweet to avoid whatever Trump is saying. “Do NOT do what the President directs.” He further said that the voters should not “unnecessarily risk exposure to more people”. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic. He also said that it is a felony and should be avoided at all costs.

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Moreover, voters in North Carolina do not need to go back to check if their vote has been counted or not. It’s a very natural phenomenon because people recording votes are sitting there to be careful about all these things.  Patrick Gannon is a public information officer with the North Carolina State Board of Elections. And he told CNN’s Maegan Vazquez and Nikki Carvajal in early September that there are three different ways for people to check the status of their ballots.

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So a President saying his public his citizens to commit a felony is beyond a human understanding! Twitter’s label on Trump’s tweet said it “may be in the public’s interest for the tweet to remain accessible.” Twitter took the perfect initiative.

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