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Trump Using Russian Jets During Campaign Ads. Is Trump Going To Use International Power Again?

President Trump doesn’t leave a single chance to create controversy now, does he? He has been in constant headlines trending for various notorious or lawbreaking words that he speaks or tweet. Trump always has used twitter as a source of weapon and it is as strange as you think it is. He is a president who has urged and tried to brainwash people to vote twice and did many things himself. And now one of is his trending chaos is that the banner his campaign used showed the jets of Russian country. What does this mean now?

Russian Powers To Support Trump?

An advertisement his followers made for the campaign which urged the public to support US troops featured images of Russian jets. Furthermore, ‘The Trump make America great committee’ from 8 September to 12 September. It showed three troops of fighters walking below the fighter jets that were flying. Alongside was written, “support our troops”. However, the jets that the picture has is not used by the American troops.

Pierre Sprey is an engineer by profession who designs jets for the airforce, troops and army. Nonetheless, he reported to Politico that they were actually the jets of Russian troops named MiG-29. Also, the images and the descriptions are all available on the Google image to download. As it was reported by Shutterstock to Politico!

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Ruslan Pukhov, the director of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow, also told Politico that the service member on the far right in the ad was carrying an AK-74 rifle, a Soviet-developed weapon.

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However, when the media reporters asked Trump and his campaign members for a comment, they refused to speak anything. The request for so many reporters was denied regarding the matter.

Nonetheless, Trump has faced a lot of criticisms already for the comments he made against the US Army. We hope he doesn’t get into any further trouble!

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