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Jerry Harris Claimed To Be Involved In Sexual Misconduct With Teenagers! -Read Full Story!

Jerry Harris, as we all know is the leading actor of the Netflix’s one of the most popular show – ‘cheer’. However, the actor is been investigated by the FBI for a claim that says he solicited sexual acts from minors. The fans of the show were in the total chaos and shock when this report came out. It is said that the actor was of 19- years-old that time!

Anyway, the FBI agents had a searched warrant with them for his house at Illinois on Monday. They wanted to do a full follow up through investigating at his house. Referring to the report by USA Today. Federal authorities also reported that they think Harris possesses child porn. And henceforth, they say that the investigation at Harris’s place was goin on all afternoon.

Authorities said that a cheerleading company called Varsity was the one who reported of the misconduct. It is a private company who put the allegation and alerted the cops. The company got to know about the “inappropriate sexual conduct” last month only.

Everything you need to know about Jerry Harris’s Case!

Referring to the report, the company also submitted two screenshots of a snapchat conversation. In the mentioned conversation, Jerry’s face was seen and the text implied on having sexual connection with the reader.

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Furthermore, The accused denied all the allegation that has been made up on him. “We categorically dispute the claims made against Jerry Harris, which are alleged to have occurred when he was a teenager,” said his spokesperson. He further said that once the case would be solved all the facts would eventually come to light.

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Not only was this chaos enough Varsity banned the 21-year-old accused from their deals. Be it now or be it in the future, the varsity brand would not at all stay in any kind of connection with the accused Jerry Harris.

Varsity spokeswoman Jackie Kennedy said Monday the organization and said that she would not comment. She further said that she would keep calm and co-operate while the investigation is going on. And would also avoid to comment on an ongoing case.

The brothers Charlie and Sam were the major witnesses in the case. Charlie posted a photo of his leg up in the air in which someone named Jerry Harris replied to him privately. The text read to do the posture naked and send a video to him. This text affected Charlie a lot and made him anxious. He was facing eating and sleeping issues and was crying at school.

There are children who have suffered a lot. And we hope, that whatever is going on, comes to light soon. Just so an another innocent is saved from being hurt. Stay tuned!


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