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Trump To Threaten California Public School To Defund Them For Implementing 1619 Project! What Is 1619 Project That Outraged Trump?

Warning For California Schools!

A recent piece of news creating a fizz in everyone’s mind that a step by California schools has outraged President Trump. President Donald Trump will not allow the California schools to incorporate a new curriculum. The new syllabus is based on the controversial New York Times 1619 Project.


What Did Trump Say?

President Donald Trump said on Sunday that the Department of Education was investigating the allegations. It was that California was incorporating the 1619 Project into its lessons. Moreover,  he threatened to take away federal funding if they did so.

There are some dubious claims, including that the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery.  As per the date of 1619, was when slaves first arrived in the colonies as America’s true founding. Additionally, historians have taken issue with its wilder claims.

Trump’s Tweet

Trump’s tweet on Sunday said that “Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!” He linked to a post that said California had implemented the 1619 programme. This is indeed a clear cut warning for California Schools.

Source: Twitter

To tell you more, the Times 1619 project won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary. Moreover, the Pulitzer Centre has since developed a package that allows schools to teach the project’s lessons.

Furthermore, let me tell you that Tom Cotton of Arkansas claimed that the 1619 Project is a “revisionist account of history. This denies the noble principles of freedom and equality on which our nation was founded.” He also has a bill pending that would prevent schools from teaching the 1619 Project.

Thus, seeing the level of disgust the Trump holds for these Projects it would be very stupid of the California school if it is still implementing the project.

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