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A New York Times Reporter Got Thrown Out From Trump’s Campaign. Know Why?

Donald Trump’s campaign staff ejected a New York Times Reporter after she posted a picture of the people in the rally not wearing masks. Reporter Kathy Gray posted this on twitter.

The Campaign

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On Wednesday, during Trump’s rally, people were seen not wearing masks, and this was noticed and reported by Kathy Gray, a reporter for which she got kicked out.

Gray tweeted,

“Maybe 10% have masks.”

Which means out of thousands of people from that rally only a handful of them wore masks.

Need For Mask

Donald Trump
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A mask has been forced on people to ensure their safety and health and to stop the virus from spreading, but people don’t seem to follow it.

But for Trump’s staff, it didn’t look more important than their campaign, and when someone points out their mistake, their immediate response was to kick them out instead of rectifying it.

The staff found out Gray using her tweets moments later and kicked her out without a second thought.

Courtney Parella, deputy national press secretary for the Trump reelection campaign, said that Gray was offered to stay at the event if she just stopped reporting and posting.

She said,

“Kathy wasn’t credentialed as press and was acting like press in general admission. Staff informed her if she wanted to stay as press, she had to apply for credentials.”

Obviously, as a reporter, Gray refused, and they escorted her out.



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