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Trump-Putin Bond At Its Best! As Trump's Arm Fundraising Campaign Features Pictures Of Russia's MiG-19 - The Tech Education
Source: AFP
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Trump-Putin Bond At Its Best! As Trump’s Arm Fundraising Campaign Features Pictures Of Russia’s MiG-19

Trump used the pictures of MiG-19, a Russian fighter jet in a recent ad campaign. And this is indicating a lot of things!

Trump’s Digital Ad Features Russia’s Fighter Jet MiG-19

A digital advertisement as a part of Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again is recently drawing a lot of attention. So this ad was released on September 11 remembering the fateful 9/11 attacks. And its theme was ‘Support our troops.’ Therefore this campaign was meant to raise funds for American troops who protect the country from every danger.

                                                                                        Source: Getty Images

But what drew attention was that the ad feature Russia’s fighter jet MiG-19. As this advertisement was meant for American troops but it featured a jet of Asia. And this raised a lot of questions. But through this ad Trump also tried to show his good terms with Russia.

Therefore tried to establish a good bond with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Although this advertisement has also attracted a lot of criticism.

The Digital Ad

Well the advertisement was released of September 8. And ran till September 12 and was made my the Trump Make America Great Again Committee.

Source: AFP

So talking about the ad, it featured three American soldiers. And they were seen walking after which the Russian’s Fighter jet MiG-19 passed over them. Moreover one soldier was also seen carrying a rifle of Russian origin. And it is called the Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Therefore the advertisement although meant to seek support for American soldiers, also acted as a medium to show America’s great bond with Russia.

But some people have criticized this act. Because the ad was released keeping in mind the 9/11 attacks. Thus using weapons from another country in the ad was somewhat a sheer insult for America. And it was something like ignoring America’s own war weapons.

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But one this is for sure that through this campaign Trump has actually managed to tell the whole world about his good relationship with Putin.

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