US President Helping School Board Candidates
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US President Helping School Board Candidates Safeguard Calling Black Mayor ” Dumb Monkey”

One Trump supporter running for North Carolina school board is aganist a racist social media when he said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot a “Dumb Monkey”. James England, a participant for Gaston Country Board of Education, has many debatable posts this summer on his Facebook Page.

England, who lived in Gastonia, recently shared a meme that is criticising Lightfoot, who is Black, on the high crime rate in her city, as per Gaston Gazette. “Looks like a Dumb Monkey” England wrote along with the shared meme.

He told Papprazi’s that he stood by the remark and claimed he didn’t call Foothill a monkey because she is Black. The juxtaposition has been used for so long been used as a mumble to disparage Black people.

US President Helping School Board Candidates

“Generally what I post is the damn truth. It is just a fact. We can’t cover up the Truth,” England said. It’s is not because of her colour. I have also seen white people who look like a monkey,” he said.

By the week ending, England made a comparison again. But this time, with a photo Clint Eastwood and orangutan, and wrote Clint hanging out with Mayor in Chicago, USA .”

And After that, He also defended that post from July where he called a man “Black Bastard”. Alongside a picture Black man attacking a white man. In his Facebook page, aganist Democrats and Black Lives Matter Protest, while expressing his hold up for the flag , law enforcement and Donald Trump. There are also many posts on Facebook like this.



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