Trump Didn't Agree To The Lying The Covid-19!
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Trump Didn’t Agree To The Lying He Told Democrats About The Covid-19!

In February The US president says that he minimized the virus’s severity to avoid the panic in the country. A reporter named Woodward has interviewed Trump more than 18 times from December to July.

Trump tweeted on Thursday that Woodward did not report his quotes for like months.”He knew they were right and proper answers. Calm, no panic! Later he told the reporters that”I didn’t lie, what I said is we have to be calm, we can’t be panicked.”

He also said that “I don’t want to jump up and down and start screaming, death, death because that is not what it is about.” Around 190,000 Americans have been recorded Dying with the Covid-19 at the start of the Pandemic.

Trump Didn't Agree To The Lying The Covid-19!
Source: economictimes

What Did Trump Has To Say?

“”Trump says he had my quote for many months. If he thinks that they were so harmful or dangerous, why didn’t he immediately report them to save lives? Didn’t he know he must do so? No, because he knew there were right answers and proper answers. Calm down, no panic.

He Told to reporters this Wednesday that Woodward book is like “a political hit job.”

What Did Woodward Has To Say?

In his defense, he said in the Washington posts and the Associated press on Wednesday, said he needed to check that whether Mr trump has told is correct or incorrect.

“The biggest problem Behind the US president, is “I didn’t know that what Woodward told you is true or what is being told in the post.” And he said his book s going to release by this September 15.

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