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ohx, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien - The Republican Party Official To T
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Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien – The Republican Party Official To Test COVID-19 Positive

Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepien – The Republican Party Official To Test COVID-19 Positive

Bill Stepien, President Trump’s election campaign manager, tested Covid-19 positive just a few weeks before the election. This is the latest covid-19 case in within the US president’s circle. This is a massive setback for President Trump just before the election. 

According to a source from the Republican Party, Bill Stepien’s Covid test results came on Friday. As a result, the former White House official will be in quarantine. And he will also have to follow all the safety measures during his quarantine period. On the same day, Ronna McDaniel, Republican National Committee chairwoman tested Covid-19 positive.
Also on Friday, President Trump himself announced that he tested Covid-19 positive. He also said that he was moved to Walter Reed Medical Center outside of Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump
Source: Daily Mail

While Hope Hicks, another White House Official tested covid-19 positive earlier this week.
In a call with reporters before the presidential debates, Stepien mentioned that the Trump campaign is against changing the rules after the first debate on Tuesday in Cleveland.

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