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Eyeing Argentina Star, Middlesbrough Agrees Deal For The Club - The Tech Education
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Transfer News Roundup: Man City Eyeing Argentina Star, Middlesbrough Agrees Deal For The Club

Manchester City almost finished with their summer transfer business following the acquisition of Nathan Ake, Ferran Torres and Ruben Dias. However, there might be a late twist in the tale as they continue to link-ups with a couple of high-profile players. Pep is also looking to trim his squad, and as such, there could be a few outgoing players as well.

Ruben Dias could make post-transfer Premier League debut against Leeds.

Manchester City signed Ruben Dias from Benfica for £62 million. Now Pep Guardiola has confirmed that the 23-year-old could make his debut for the Blues against Leeds this weekend.

Pep said, “We are delighted to have him here. He trained two sessions. He’s settled good and is part of the team. We will see.”

Middlesbrough agrees to transfer deal sign, Patrick Roberts, on loan.

According to Football Insider, Middlesbrough have agreed with a deal to sign Patrick Roberts from Manchester City on loan for a second straight season. Roberts had been on loan at Middlesbrough for half of last season and is now all set to make his return to The Boro.

Fulham v Middlesbrough - Sky Bet Championship transfer
Source: Sportskeeda

Roberts made 11 appearances for Middlesbrough last season and scored one goal and registered three assists. Before joining Middlesbrough last season, Roberts spent the first half of it at Norwich City where he failed to make an impression.

Manchester City will try to sign Tagliafico if they sell Zinchenko.

The Citizens are reportedly looking to offload Oleksandr Zinchenko. As per Sky SportsManchester City is interested in signing Nicolas Tagliafico from Ajax but will only look to sign him if they can sell Zinchenko.

South American football expert Tim Vickery told Sky Sports that Tagliafico would have much to offer to City. Man City would be fascinating as a move because Tagliafico is Argentina’s first-choice left-back. He’s 28, so he doesn’t have much of a sell-on value, and I don’t think he’s the most excellent defender in the world, and he doesn’t give you what an Andrew Robertson does at Liverpool – the constant attacking presence.

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