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zk, 91i, xn, 4, f0, h2g, ka3, 7, 393, 3o, p, y0c, sz, l, Dream11 IPL 2020: Players Could Be Banned From IPL Tournament For
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Dream11 IPL 2020: Players Could Be Banned From IPL Tournament For Bio-bubble Violation

Dream11 IPL 2020: Players Could Be Banned From IPL Tournament For Bio-bubble Violation

In Dream11 IPL 2020, BCCI could ban players and also levy a hefty fine on the teams for bio-bubble violation. The massive fine is of about Rs.1 crore that the teams might have to pay for violating the rules. The players might be removed, and 2 points of each team’s points will be also be deducted. 

A PTI report said BCCI notified to all the teams of the IPL 2020 tournament that: 

  • A player will have to undergo a six-day quarantine for an “unauthorized departure” from the bubble.
  • In case of violation for the first time, the player will be suspended for one match.
  • And in case of a second and third violation, the player will be removed from the tournament with no replacement to be provided.
  • The players could be fined 3000 AED for not completing their daily health passport, not wearing GPS tracker and missing a scheduled COVID-19 test. 
  • Family members and all the team officials also have to complete their daily health passport, wear GPS tracker. They also have test Covid-19 on the scheduled date. 
  • Each player and staff will be tested covid-19 on every fifth day of the tournament.
  • If any team allows anyone to interact with players/support staff into the bubble, it will have to pay a fine of Rs 1 crore.
  • Teams might also have to face BCCI inquiries in case of repeated bio-bubble violations amid the covid-19 pandemic situation.
IPL 2020
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KM Asif of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) violated the bio-bubble law, as he went to the reception area of the team hotel in Dubai to get spare keys for his room. However, none of the 13 players of the Chennai Super Kings has been tested covid-19 positive. 




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