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Boris Johnson (source-TheNYtimes)
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Boris Johnson Plans To Deny Trans To Self Identify

Boris Johnson has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. And recently, his actions have cost him a grip over politics. He recently made news when his plan not to allow people to self identify as other gender surfaced. This seems to be an initiative overturn efforts under Theresa May’s government.

The Gender Recognition Act

The government documented its response to the Gender Recognition Act in a paper. Before amending the recommendations, the information leaked. The survey carried out to draft the public response contained records with 70% of people in favour of self-identification. Moreover, these responses were termed as being ‘skewed’ by the trans community all over the country,  constituting 1% of the population.

The Gender Recognition Act mainly regulates rights to self identify and gender change in the country. It allows trans people to receive a Gender Recognition Certificate, further allowing to carry the identity as an ‘acquired gender’.The Gender Recognition Panel’s scrutiny helps in deciding the same. The panel includes medical and legal experts. Under Theresa May, the issuing of certificate did not generally require a medical diagnosis.

Trans Rights
Trans Rights (source-The NY times)

The New Parameters And Their Consequence

The only attempt made at bringing public attention to this amended was to ban ‘gay cure’ therapies. Along with this, the government had planned to focus on women-centric reforms. Seen as an attempt to wipe out the community, this plan brings Boris Johnson in trouble.

Consequently, about seven LGBTQ groups from the political spectrum have published a joined statement. The groups have affiliations to Labour, Liberal Democrats, Greens, Alliance Party, Conservatives, Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru. These groups believe creating safe spaces for women concentrate on establishing a public opinion against the community.

How The Community Views The Plan

In today’s times, the need for change calls for gender-neutral washrooms and spaces. The country, according to the groups seems to travel back in time. Agitation over the long period of waiting for the consultation to come out was also expressed. It has been over 18 months, and the move to leak details like this to make the reaction benevolent is a cheap move.

This initiative has left the entire community in disbelief and young trans people fearing for their future. Getting a legal recognition matters to an individual to feel involved. And especially when you are a trans, anywhere in the world, life is not that easy, the community believes.

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