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d6t, q, 45, fx, k, Top Comedian Chris Rock Throws A Hard Light On The US Politics In Upcoming Presidential Elections 2020!! Want To Know What Happened?Know Here!! - The Tech Education
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Top Comedian Chris Rock Throws A Hard Light On The US Politics In Upcoming Presidential Elections 2020!! Want To Know What Happened?Know Here!!

The US Presidential elections are just a few months from now. The overall heat for this biggest event of the year has gained momentum. As election day is approaching, more and more stars are getting into it.
Recently, the top comedy star Chris Rock has entered the league.

Though every star is participating in its own style, a comedian is always the one who will hit upon something with jokes. Chris went on to hit on Democrats for this pandemic situation in the country. He calls it the Democratic party’s fault that this Covid-19 spread out there with so fast speed.

Source: Google

He opined that the democrats were busy early this year on the topic of President Donald Trump’s Impeachment matter. And in the meantime, this pandemic gripped the country. Lashing out at Trump, he instantly joked on him for being a “five years old child”.

The 55-year-old star comedian referenced his tag with a movie named “The Last Emperor”.
In this movie, a kid was the emperor of the country and the jokes that it is the same emperor who is ruling the US now.

Source: Google

Chris Rock didn’t spare the other side also. He calls the other party, too, a supporter in making “fake news”.
Lashing out at Nancy Pelosi, Chris says that she and the Democrats were not so much sensible in impeaching Donald Trump. And even says that this impeachment could never happen.

Talking about Trump whom he calls “a landlord”, he claims that the US has a landlord.
And even he went on to say that this worst condition in the US is due to the election of this “landlord”.

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