Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Delayed, New Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Delayed, New Release Date, Raw Scans And Where To Read


Tokyo Revengers, the Japanese manga, has entered its last arc, and its popularity continues to grow. At the moment, fans are anticipating Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252. As the manga nears the conclusion of the war between the Kanto Manji Gang and the second-generation Tokyo Manji Gang, fans anticipate an enthralling plot line with plenty of eye-catching moments.

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Has Chapter 252 of Tokyo Revengers Been Delayed?

Chapter 252 was scheduled to be released in Japan on May 4th, according to the manga’s weekly schedule. Japan, on the other hand, observes Greenery Day on the same day, declaring it a national holiday. As a result, Tokyo Revengers is taking a vacation this week and will return next week with a new chapter.

This week, Tokyo Revengers is not the only manga series taking a break. Other popular manga series, such as One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen, are reportedly not publishing new chapters because of Japan’s Golden Week.

Chapter 252 of Tokyo Revengers Gets a New Release Date:

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 is now set for international release on Wednesday, May 11th, 2022, in Japan. However, due to the time difference, the release date for some overseas fans would be Tuesday, May 10th, 2022.

In Japan, new chapters of Tokyo Revengers can be found in new issues of Weekly Shonen Magazine. The foreign community, on the other hand, can purchase the manga volumes via Kodansha’s official website.

Raw Scan of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252:

Pah approaches Mikey in what will be a fight of old friends, as our chapter concludes. They meet atop the bunker, from where Mikey is monitoring the conflict and was once prepared to kill for Pah. It’ll be quite the spectacle to see two childhood buddies destroy two of the strongest first-generation Black Dragons next week, now that Coco has turned sides.

Additionally, despite his absence from this chapter, Takemitchy is still engaged in combat with Kantou Manji’s vice-captain. Then there’s the impending slaughter as Hanma goes through the battle survivors in Tokyo Revengers chapter 252.

Spoiler for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252:

Although the release of the forthcoming Tokyo revengers Chapter has been postponed, raw scans have already been released and the translation process has begun. Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers 252 will be published shortly. Keep visiting us to get the latest updates and spoilers on your favorite manga.

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What Will Happen Next in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252?

The final panel of the previous chapter contained one of the story’s most devastating revelations. While battling the Second Generation Tokyo Manji Gang, Koko had a change of heart. As a result, he approached Mikey and declared his intention to fight his former friend. Thus, the following chapter will examine two simultaneous conflicts. Mitsuya and Hanma will square off in the first battle.

Hanma appears to have the upper hand in this one due to his recent battle experience. Mitsuya, on the other hand, has arrived on the scene only after winning combat. The most anticipated bout of the night will take place between two pals, Mikey and Koko. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 is primed and ready to set the stage on fire with action and wrath.

What Will Happen Next in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252

Where to Read the Manga Tokyo Revengers:

You can find a list of platforms where you can stream or purchase Tokyo Revengers on the Kodansha website. For those looking for an app, we recommend Mangamo or Inkr.

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