Todd Chrisley Net Worth: How Rich Is This Person In 2023!

In July 2022, both Todd Chrisley and his wife, Julie Chrisley, were found guilty of all charges in their fraud case. Four months later, the patriarch was sentenced to 12 years in prison at a federal court hearing in Atlanta and Julie was sentenced to seven years. But in this time of financial chaos, how much is the reality star worth? Read on to find out how much money Todd Chrisley is worth now.

Todd Chrisley: Career Details

Todd Chrisley’s first job in real estate investing was as an investor in property. After that, he worked out a deal with “Fannie Mae” that let him make money by buying and selling homes. Chrisley then set up an investment company called Chrisley Asset Management. The company was started in 2002, but it had to shut down in 2008 because the real estate market had crashed.

Todd Chrisley has been on a number of TV shows, such as “The Domenick Natii Show” and “The Steve Harvey Show.” His TV show, Chrisley Knows Best, which is about his life and family, really made him famous. He makes it seem like he is a strict, demanding father who knows how to train his kids. It was first shown on TV in 2014, and an average of 1.16 million people watched it.

In 2016, Chrisley and Sara Evans worked together to make the country song “Infinite Love,” which reached #19 on the Billboard charts. Growing Up Chrisley, a spinoff show about Chase and Savannah Chrisley was officially announced in 2017. Todd told US Weekly that the sixth season of Chrisley Knows Best is being filmed right now.

In 2015, Todd Chrisley worked on a talk show for USA Network. According to Chrisley started in 2017, but it was canceled after only one season because it didn’t do well with viewers.

The first episode of Todd and Julie’s podcast Chrisley Confessions came out on iHeartRadio in 2018. E! just said that in 2022, Todd Chrisley will be the host of the dating show Love Limo. In the series, Chrisley will use speed dating to help single people find relationships.

Todd Chrisley: Net Worth 2023

Todd Chrisley is an American businessman, reality TV star, and former criminal with a $1.5 million net worth as of 2023.

Arrest And Conviction: TLDR

Unfortunately, Todd and his wife Julie have become even more well-known since they were found guilty of tax and fraud crimes. In 2019, a grand jury brought wire fraud and tax charges against Todd, Julie, and an accountant. People said the Chrisleys used fake bank statements, inflated personal financial information, and counterfeit audits to steal $36 million from banks. The Chrisleys are then said to have used those funds to live a luxurious life without paying taxes. At one point, Todd filed for bankruptcy to get out of about $20 million in debt.

According to the DOJ:

The Chrisleys spent the money on luxury cars, designer clothes, real estate, and travel — and used new fraudulent loans to pay back old ones. After spending all the money, Todd Chrisley filed for bankruptcy and walked away from more than $20 million of the fraudulently obtained loans.

In May 2022, they went to court. It went on for six weeks. In June 2022, Todd and Julie were found guilty. Todd Chrisley was found guilty on November 21, 2022, and given a sentence of 12 years in prison. Julie was given a 7-year sentence. After their time in prison, they will both have to follow the rules for three years.

At the sentencing, the prosecutors said the following about Todd and Julie:

The Chrisleys have built an empire based on the lie that their wealth came from dedication and hard work. The jury’s unanimous verdict sets the record straight: Todd and Julie Chrisley are career swindlers who have made a living by jumping from one fraud scheme to another, lying to banks, stiffing vendors and evading taxes at every corner.

Todd Chrisley's wife

Chrisley Asset Management

At one time, Todd Chrisley owned and ran Chrisley Asset Management, a company that, according to court documents, had been struggling for a number of years while Mr. Chrisley and his family continued to live a very lavish lifestyle. A way of life included living in a mansion that was 30,000 square feet and spending $300,000 a year on clothes.

Chrisley Asset Management would be a big part of Todd and Julie’s legal problems in the future.

Todd Chrisley: Bankruptcy Case

At one point, Todd Chrisley’s real estate empire was at the center of a $45 million bankruptcy case. A trustee in Todd’s bankruptcy case said in court that Todd hid assets worth millions of dollars under his wife’s name. Chrisley’s lawyer said that these claims were not valid.

Todd Chrisley filed for bankruptcy for the first time in 2012. At that time, he said he had $4.2 million in assets and $50 million in debts. Todd said in the same form that he only had $100 in cash and $55 in his bank account.

In 2013, Chrisley Asset Management filed for bankruptcy as a business. Todd said that he owed the IRS almost $600,000 in late fees, debts, and penalties, which added up to the $12 million he owed on the Atlanta mansion.

Todd Chrisley: Real Estate

Chrisley moved his family to Nashville in 2015, where there are no state income taxes. He spent $1.6 million on the house there. The Chrisleys bought a home outside of Nashville for $3.4 million in June 2019. They put the house on the market for $4.7 million just two months after they were accused of committing financial crimes.

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