Timeless Season 3: NBC Cancels Series, Movie Finale Discussed


Back From Near Death

After being cancelled multiple times, the show is set to be revived again following a two-part finale. Season 2 ended by leaving fans in a dilemma and unexplained plots. The last episode of this season portrayed Lucy and Wyatt’s plans to save their dead teammate Rufus. They arrive in the present as their future self to execute their plan.

Thanks To The Uproar Of Timeless Fans

The show didn’t revive by itself. Massive upset fans took to the streets and even skies during San Diego Comic-Con. There was a crowdfunded campaign held where an aeroplane flew a #SaveTimeless banner. Fans will finally get to witness the much-awaited closure of the series. Shawn Ryan said that he was thrilled to take up this journey for one last spin and finally conclude the story. Fans have the power to make the impossible happen and that is what happened.

Timeless' Series Finale Explained: Will There be a Season 3 ...

Timeless Revived From A Distressing Past

Timeless has had a distressing past. Season 1 comprised 16 episodes after which it was cancelled only to get it renewed by NBC for season 2. It was yet again cancelled after season 2 rolled out. It was saved from cancellation because Sony Tv gave up half of the show’s stake to NBC’s Universal Television.

Timeless Movie Being Planned

NBC indicated a green signal for the two-hour series finale. Production was set to start for the two-hour story set in one time period when Kripke revealed that they changed course and made two episodes of Timeless. Kripke hinted out finales of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Shield of how they are crafting the Timeless finale.

The two finale episodes didn’t come into existence that easily. There were lots of discussions on this between sony tv and NBC. Sony ran out of time as the contracts of the actors were expired and the possibility of season 3 was ticked off from the list for good.


The plot of the finale was to showcase two different time periods. Executive producer and writer Arika Lisanne pointed out that the episodes will be a long mythology story and are connected. The characters are expected to visit two time periods. Hence, the show will be like their previous running episodes.


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