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Three Best Left Backs In The Football World

Left Backs and Right Backs have become very important for teams today. They are often the key link between attack and defence. Moreover, for some teams, the offensive contributions of their fullbacks are big parts of their success. In today’s game, there are truly some great left-backs that are among the best players in the world. Teams also attach high value to these players and don’t allow them to leave easily. Here are the best left-backs in the football world currently.

Player #1: Andrew Robertson

Robertson is easily the best left-back in the world over the past two seasons. He has been instrumental in the team’s rise to being the best team in Europe. Unlike his right-back counterpart, Robertson is not an offensive dynamo but he still contributes well. He has 2 goals and 7 assists for the runaway Premier League leaders. He also provides great defensive cover and often stops the opposing team’s wing attacks.

Andrew Robertson

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Player #2: Jordi Alba

Alba could easily number 1 if not for his injuries and disappearing acts in big moments. Jordi Alba was the biggest culprit in Barcelona‘s 0-4 loss to Liverpool. Despite all this, Alba is firmly one of the best left-backs in the world. While he is arguably weak on the defensive side of the game, he is the best offensive left-back in the world.

His performance has dipped in 2019/20 with only 2 goals and 3 assists to his name. But a lot of this is because of injuries. His connection with Lionel Messi is automatic and makes up a large part of Barcelona’s success. After the coronavirus break, Alba looks much fresher and as lethal as used to be.

Player #3: Alex Sandro

Sandro does not get the praise he deserves. He is extremely solid on defence. It is his tactical positioning and intelligence that helps Juventus snuff out many threats. But Sandro is great going forward as well. Maurizio Sarri loves attacking full-backs and Alex Sandro does that well with his electric pace. He combines well with Cristiano Ronaldo and that is important for anyone to succeed to at the club.

Sandro is easily one of the best defenders in the Serie A. This is evident by the fact that many top clubs in the world have been trying to sign him for high prices. But Juventus has not budged. They likely won’t change their stance in the future given the importance of Sandro to their success.

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