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Three Best Defensive Midfielders In The Football World!

There are some positions in football that usually get all the glory. Strikers and winger are usually these positions. Sometimes even attacking midfielders get the glory. Moreover, defence attracts its own attention. The one position that people keep ignoring, however, is the CDM.

The defensive midfielder is very important to a team winning. They might not get the praise. But they do a lot of dirty work. They usually start important attacks. Moreover, without them, teams would have a hard time dominating the midfield or mopping up counters. All the great teams in the world have world-class CDMs. Here are the three best CDMs in the football world right now.

Player #1: N’Golo Kante

The easiest way to talk about N’Golo Kante is through his performance in the 2018 World Cup. Without Kante, France does not win the world cup. It might sound outlandish but it is entirely true. Chelsea also struggles without this beast on the field. Kante is the perfect box-to-box midfielder. His never-ending motor and grit can annoy even the best of players.

N'Golo Kante
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Kante is an expert at stopping counters and even the best dribbles don’t like taking him on. This is because Kante’s instincts are simply elite. While he is not the best offensive player, he still finds ways to make some great offensive contributions. Put Kante on any top team and they become one of the best teams in the world.

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Player #2: Casemiro

While Kroos and Modric have been getting most of the credit over the years, Real Madrid probably does not 3-peat without Casemiro. Casemiro’s contributions to the team are immense. He takes a lot of beatings from other teams but doles them out in equal measure. His tendency to grab game-winning goals is key to the team’s success. Without Casemiro doing the dirty work for Madrid, their success in the past decade would much lesser.

Player #3: Joshua Kimmich

There might be very few positions that Kimmich might not be able to play in. His transition from a right-back to a DM has been seamless. He works the world’s most lethal midfield combination with Thiago and they are the reason for Bayern’s resurgence this season. Kimmich is intelligent and gifted that one will rarely ever see him making a mistake. Thus, most expect Kimmich to have an even greater career than Phillip Lahm, which is no easy feat to achieve.

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