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This Women's Heartwarming Reaction for Getting A Job Is Getting comments !
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This Women’s Heartwarming Reaction Towards Getting A Job Is Going Viral. Boss Captures Video!

We hear and read about all sorts of crazy kinds of stuff every day. Right? People do good. Some, they do bad. Oh, and something weird. But this heartwarming reaction of a young lady who just got offered a job was indescribable. Her reaction after getting hired was like by so many people that the video went viral. And has been trending with comments on the social media platforms ever since. This happened when she was dancing around in the parking lot and the CCTV camera captured it. Her moves were so funny and spread a good vibe that made everyone share it.

Dakara Spence is a comedian as shown in her Instagram with 30 thousand followers and a blue tick. Now, this woman posted the video of that young girl and captioned it. That she just then hired her for the job and the dance moves were her reaction. In the clip that was taken and captured by the CCTV, the hired candidate was seen clearly. Said video showed that she calmly got out of the shop and climbed down to the parking lot.

Suddenly out of nowhere, she stopped and glanced around to be sure that no one was looking at her. Found herself being alone, sure that the coast is clear and no one is vouching for her she broke into a joyful dance. Showing her moves and being content she stopped herself again and then walked off as if nothing happened.

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Comments Section Was Stacked!

Furthermore, in the comment section, Spencer explained that this young girl works at spots sports bar and grill. Well, this place is located in Decatur, Georgia. Comments soon started pouring on the post, and people extended their congratulations. Praising also said that she would be a very passionate employee and blessed her happiness. Thousands of comments like – “Thank you for giving her the job and making her happy”.

More came ” Congratulations to her. Because of the excitement a dollar extra should be given to her”.

Another was like “Girl is about to be the Best Employee”.

¬†Fourth one said, ” Lol. No one will regret hiring her. Kay Kay would work passionately”. Many such best wishes from people around the world.

Better later than never, the very person in the video too got to see her own little jackpot dance. She also commented, “Lmaoo! I Had To Do It! I Thought Nobody Saw! I Was Wrong. Thank You Tho!”. Funnily happy this entire thing makes us. And soon enough Kay Kay, the young employee posted the video on her Instagram too. Although, was captioned with big block letters.


Kay Kay then started getting phone calls from friends who then notified that she was already an internet sensation. She also referred her new manager as a blessing in her life and exclaimed how cool the Wednesday is.

“It is lit. It is L-I-T!” said, adding: “Good vibes only over here – no negativity!” That was it. Stay tuned guys!

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