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l, s3b, oeb, pg, o9, qd3, 9, d, x, p, gul, The Protesters Of Floyd Are Thugs Who Didn't Even Spared Gandhi!
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The Protesters Of George Floyd Are Just Thugs Who Didn’t Even Spared Mahatma Gandhi – Says Trump!

Well, our beloved US President is back with some solid news again. His quotation for people and remarks for organizations have mostly pulled himself in trouble. We are all very accustomed with him calling the dead army members as ‘Losers’ and ‘suckers’. So now, he has said something out of the blue, which can be taken into fair consideration. The people who are protesting for George Floyd’s murder case are mere Thugs says the president. And these same thugs vandalized the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

George Floyd was a black man who was murdered and knees by Police officer Derek Chauvin. This happened in Minneapolis on May 25 when Derek Chauvin handcuffed Floyd and pinned him to The ground. Furthermore, he kneeled on the back of his neck for more than eight minutes and left the 46-year-old gasping for breath. Eventually the innocent dies on the spot while the other begged the officer to release him. This case of a white police officer assaulting the black man became an international protest and was overnight the slogan of the USA.

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The footage that was soon viral showed the dead sealing continuously about how he can’t breathe and begged for release. And this tragedy was a violent speculation beginning and observed massive amounts of protests from all over the USA. His death left trail chaos and destruction behind. It has been trending in the news for months.

Trump Calls The Protestors Thugs!

However coming back to Trump, he said that first, the protesters broke in the statue of Abraham Lincoln. And his reaction was about how Lincoln was the man. But then, they had everybody. Be it George Washington or Thomas Jefferson and it became impossible to stop them. Trump said this in a presidential rally at Minnesota. And then did he mentioned that the statue Of Mahatma Gandhi was also vandalized in Washington DC. This happened during one of the protests that happened nationwide and the protesters who did it are still unknown about.

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Hence, Trump further said that how there are just a bunch of thugs and this is the truth. He said they are a bunch of thugs who got nothing to do and don’t either know what they have to do. Or what they should or should not do. He said that all Gandhian wanted was peace. So what does any of this make sense? He questioned the people around him. And hence, he signed a bill that made a law of putting such vandals in jails. Now nobody has the audacity to take the statues down. The president does talk sarcastically sometimes, doesn’t he?

However, the vandalized statue of Gandhi was restored again properly. The Indian embassy did it with the help of the National Park Police and the State Department.

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