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The Democratic Party Is Becoming Too ‘Marxist’ Because Of Its Lust For Power, Says Mark Levin

Mark Levin came up with several criticism about The Democratic Party during a radio program.

Mark Levin Calls The Democrats Power Lusty And Extremely Marxist

As the presidential elections are round the corner different people are having different opinions on both the rival parties. So this time Mark Levin the host of The Mark Levin Show criticized The Democratic Party.

Mark Levin
Source: AP

During his radio program he gave negative remarks on the particular party. As Levin went on saying the this party is really greedy for power and doesn’t care about the citizens. Because they are becoming more and more Marxist day by day. Therefore all they need in power.

His Speech In A Nutshell

Well during the program he spoke a lot about The Democrats and their ideologies. Also Levin gave examples of historical movements like Civil war where he accused this party to have made many violations. And also said that The Democratic Party actually fought against the civil rights acts.

Mark Levin

And tried to violate several rights of the citizens. Also Levin said that it is going to do the same if Joe Biden comes to power. Because they want want to rule and not lead.

Also he criticized the way The Democratic party describes itself as the ‘Democratic Socialists’. Because in his eyes they are just ‘American Marxists’ who never focuses on the development of the country. But rather focuses on their development of power.

And Levin also went on warning that if they come to power all they will do is enforce. Also they will work for the benefits of their own party and not the country.

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Also Levin stated that it is a ‘diabolical’ party and it will abuse and use people to remain in power.

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