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Ryan Gosling And Chris Evans Stars In The Costliest Netflix Movie, The Grey Man

The costliest Netflix ever made is going to be The Grey Man. And the main attraction is the cast. All star-studded casts include Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

The Grey Man

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The theme of this movie revolves around mystery action and spy genre and will be directed by The Russo Brothers who are famous for their Marvel movies.

It is based on the book The Gray Man by Mark Greaney. And Netflix was expecting to produce franchises based on it and expected it to sell like James Bond franchise.

The cost of the production goes up to 200 million dollars which is indeed a large sum.

Fans of both the actors are so excited to see them on screen and rumours are this movie if a hit will create their own fandom and franchise of its own.

The Story Line

Ryan Gosling
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Ryan will be playing a cop while Evans will be a CIA agent. So they are of the opposite characters. It is a typical spy story where an agent goes through the end of the world in search of a spy.

Viewers are expected to get hooked to it in the first movie itself although there is no release date given yet. The production is to start on next year.




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