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Mad Max Prequel? The Executives Are Looking For The Role Of "Dementus". - The Tech Education
Chris Hemsworth
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Chris Hemsworth In Mad Max Prequel? The Executives Are Looking For The Role Of “Dementus”.

The Mad Max Executive is looking for Chris Hemsworth to play the role of “Dementus”. The production team has revealed that there will be a prequel for the Mad Max movie. Warner Bros entertainment company is looking for Chirs Hemsworth, who played the lead role in the Movie Extraction. They consider Hemsworth as a perfect fit for the “Demuntus” role.

Chris Hemsworth As “Dementus”

“Dementus” Character is Breathtaking handsome, and fans can also imagine how Chirs Hemsworth would look if he gets the chance to play the role. The Fictional character “Dementus” has an angle’s face.  This character has a big scar on his face and the wound is deep and stitched by staples.

Chris has not signed the contract for the role yet. The fans are excited and confused about the character “Dementus” because the character is not clearly introduced as a hero or a Villian. Anya Taylor will also be the part of Mad Max prequel.



She has recently played the lead role in the movie “Emma”, and the fans could also expect her to play the lead role in this movie as well. The reports are saying that “Charlize Theron” will not be starred in this upcoming prequel. Charlize played the lead role of “Furiosa”.

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Why George Won’t Cast “Charlize Theron”?

George Miller who directed Mad Max: Road Fury, has decided to replace Charlize Theron with a young actress to play the role of Furiosa. Miller has not revealed the actress’s name yet. In return to this, Oscar winner Charlize said that she respects George’s decision. She also said that he’s a master and still wished him luck.

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George explained the reason why he did not cast Charlise in the movie. He said there was some difficulty while filming with Charlise. He then goes by saying that he was using de-aging CGI on Charlize but the result was not successful.

Co-Stars In The Movie

George already planned to use CG d-aging on Charlize for the upcoming movies, but then he said the technology that they are seeking is nearly yet. This movie will be including actors such as: Nicholas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Abbey Lee, Zoe Kravitz, Courtney Eaton, and Tom Hardy.


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