37year, Richard Ross
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Richard Rose Dies From Coronavirus, After Dismissing It As A “Hype”

Richard Rose, 37, an army veteran from Ohio, died within 4 days of testing corona positive. Rose, in a Facebook post had blatantly refused wearing masks.

37year, Richard Ross

According to Richard Ross he had made this “far by not buying into that damn hype.” Hence, would not buy a “fucking mask.”
On the 1 st of July, Ross fell ill and was diagnosed corona positive. He took to Facebook to pass on this information.

He said that “Well, I’m officially under quarantine for the next 14 days. I just tested positive for Covid 19.

Sucks because I just started a new job.” Ross has been working as an army veteran for the past 9 years. His sheer negligence of the pandemic situation resulted in his death. On the 4th of July, 2020 at his home in Port Clinton, Ohio, Ross took his last breath.

Amid the hovering morbidity, Ross on 12th March took to the social media, complaining that “the shit about Covid 19” had gotten him sick and therefore he wanted to “block the negativity.

On the 2nd of July be posted that he was utterly oblivious as to where he contracted the disease. He further posted that “this Covid shit sucks. I’m out of breath just sitting here.” Just a day earlier, he tested positive and felt “swabbed” in the so called “hype.”

His Facebook post on conjuring the word “hype” for the present world scenario


The present Coronavirus Pandemic and Nick Conley’s statement:

The corona virus pandemic has affected 221 nations worldwide. 13.1 M people are affected and more than 572K cases of confirmed death.

The seriousness of the issue is heart wrenching
Rose’s friend, Nick Conley, was interviewed by the local media.

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He was utterly perturbed by his death. He said “Its horrible that we lost Rick but the even more tragic part of that is that who else became affected by the action that he chose.”

Nick Conley through the WKYC warned all the people who fail to recognize the seriousness of the situation.

He said that, ” This is a circumstance where a young person passed away with no known health conditions that we are aware of.”

In his Facebook post he reiterated his warning, “For anyone who isn’t taking this seriously, just know that the virus can hit anyone at any age at any health condition.”WHO guidelines:

The World Health Organization has issued that the disease is transmitted through droplets of various sizes. WHO also warns of its airborne transmission under certain circumstances. This pandemic is not a hype.

The measures taken by any country starting from developed to developing or under developed, are only precautionary.

It is very important that we pay heed to the guidelines, wear masks and gloves, sanitize and maintain proper social distancing and lock down protocol. This will not only save us but also people around us.

Transmission explained by WHO

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