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Can Trump’s ‘Law And Order’ Tweet Make Up The Prevailing ‘Lawlessness And Chaos’ Prevailing In Portland?

After the clashes between Donald Trump supporters and its counterparts the acting secretary of homeland security Chad, wolf cast questioned all the local leaders in Portland, Oregon.

Source-CBS news

The death of an innocent man on Sunday provoked the secretary to question so. According to the scenario, the officials allowed the occurrence of “lawlessness and chaos.”

On Face The Nation, Wolf said, “We’ve been asking Portland to do their job really for over three months now, What you see in Portland is an environment, they foster an environment of this lawlessness and chaos.”

Wolf focused the lights on Trump’s administration. In which Trump wanted democrats of the Portland present members of the National Guard to keep the situation of protests under control.

Moreover, people have not here yet overcome the brutal death of George Floyd In Minneapolis. However, it’s been three months the same have been occurring in Portland.

State Not Being Able To Protect It’s Citizens

However, according to the acting secretary, the government officials could not protect their territories and the person inhabiting it.

Suppose we take the situation of Portland alone, around 90 arrest cases been reported. Out of which FBI took over 71 points.

Furthermore, he added, “It’s time to end the lawlessness and the chaos that we see in Portland”.

However, Trump takes the present scenario of Scotland and questions the voters about their plight if Joe Biden were elected president in November.

In the wake of this, Donald Trump retweeted ” LAW AND ORDER”.

Moreover, the president is related to assess law enforcement in Portland with the help of the National Guard.

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