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ar9, l, kz, q2, b, x, 5ak, jrp, 25p, fex, m0, 8, 3, aoz, l, 9, Texas Doctor Died Of Covid-19 - She Has Been Wearing The Same N95
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Texas Doctor Died Of Covid-19 – She Has Been Wearing The Same N95 Mask For Weeks, If Not Months!

Texas Doctor Died Of Covid-19 – She Has Been Wearing The Same N95 Mask For Weeks, If Not Months!

Adeline Fagan, 28, OB/GYN doctor in Texas died of Covid-19. Adeline has been reported to be suffering from Covid-19 from July. She is originally from Lafayette, New York and also had a history of asthma. After being in fighting with the deadly virus for two long months, Adeline’s condition deteriorated, and she died in September. She also suffered a ‘massive brain bleed’. 

In these two months, she was supported with all the required medicines and respiratory therapies. As her lungs did not cooperate anymore after August 3, she was transferred to ventilation. The next day, the doctors placed her on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). It was done to oxygenate her blood because she was ‘not responding well to the ventilator’.

Fagan, an OB/GYN doctor originally from LaFayette, New York, died last month, hours after a nurse found her unresponsive and she was rushed for emergency surgery

However, all the efforts of the doctors went in vain as Adeline didn’t survive. 

As claimed by her family members, the virus attacked Adeline as she had been using the same N95 mask for over weeks after weeks. They also claimed that there has been a lack of PPE kit supply and that played a significant role in Adeline’s death. She had been treating the Covid positive patients while she caught the virus. In contrast, it has already been mentioned in the CDC guidelines that an N95 mask can be used for utmost five times and not more than that. 

The hospital, on the other hand, added that they do not have a policy on reusing masks. However, it has still not been specified how the virus attacked Adeline.

Adeline’s elder sister, Maureen said: ‘Adeline had an N95 mask and had her name written on it.’

The hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr Emily Sedgwick said: ‘Our protocol, based on CDC guidance, includes colleagues turning in their N95 masks after each shift, and receiving another mask at the beginning of their next shift.’ 


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