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Tendulkar Says The Superhuman Save By Nicholas Pooran Is The ‘Best Save He’s Seen In His Life’ -
Source: Kultejas News
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Tendulkar Says The Superhuman Save By Nicholas Pooran Is The ‘Best Save He’s Seen In His Life’

Nicholas Pooran
Source: CricketTimes.com

Nicholas Pooran and his gravity-defying save have to be one of the best that cricket has ever witnessed.

Rajasthan Royals’ incredible four-wicket victory over Kings XI Punjab at the Sharjah Cricket Ground was all about individual efforts.

When it comes to KXIP, Mayank Agarwal scored his maiden IPL century. Captain KL Rahul supported Agarwal with a half-century.

In turn, RR was guided by some great batting by Sanju Samson, captain Steve Smith and the man of the hour, Rahul Tewatia, all of whom scored half-centuries.

RR pulled off the highest successful run chase in the history of the IPL. The runs scored in Sharjah will be memorable for a long point of time.

However, amidst all the runs scored in the match, the seemingly improbable fielding effort by Nicholas Pooran has left everyone stunned.

In the eighth over of RR’s innings, Pooran pulled off a sensational fielding effort.

It won’t be exaggerating to say that it was unlike any other anyone has ever seen.

Players have time and again secured a catch and thrown it back into the in-field before landing inside the boundary.

But, Pooran’s version of the same has left people dumbfounded.

The West Indies batsman had already worked wonders with the bat by hitting 25 off eight balls.

But the highlight of his game has been this remarkable bit of fielding that many are terming as ‘gravity-defying’.

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What Went Down In The Field With Pooran?

In the third ball of the eighth over, Murugan Ashwin bowled it short, and Samson undoubtedly took the chance.

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However, when the ball appeared to have cleared the boundary, Pooran, standing at long-on, came to rescue.

He went backwards and leapt in the air while catching the ball.

Soon after, he crashed on to the ground and threw the ball back just in time.

It may sound like regular fielding, but the visual delight of the save is sure to make your jaws drop.

Jonty Rhodes and Tendulkar Applauded Pooran’s Effort, Just Like Many Others

Jonty and Sachin
Source: Times Now

Jonty Rhodes, the KXIP fielding coach, who is widely considered as the best fielder of all time, could not sit back. He gave Pooran a standing ovation and clapped for him from the dugout.

Pooran’s fielding effort undoubtedly won the hearts of cricketers and fans alike.

Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, congratulates Pooran on the mind-numbing save.

He goes on to tweet, “This is the best save I have seen in my life. Simply incredible!!”

Former Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag, who has also represented KXIP in the past, also recognised the superhuman effort by the player.

In his tweet, he says “Defied Gravity, Pooran. What a save.”

Also, Ian Bishop adds to the praises and writes, “Nicholas Pooran has just pulled off one of the great saves in the game of cricket. Unbelievable awareness.”

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