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Took Twitter By Storm: Fans Say He Started Like No. 11 Batsman But Ended Like MSD -
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Tewatia Took Twitter By Storm: Fans Say He Started Like No. 11 Batsman But Ended Like MSD

Source: DNA India

Rahul Tewatia of Rajasthan Royals batted explosively in the 19th over against Sheldon Cottrel at Sharjah Cricket Stadium.

Tewatia smashed five sixes off five balls, including 4 consecutive sixes off 4 balls.

The two teams scored 449 runs combined, with the batsman completely dominating the bowlers.

In total, five batsmen from both KXIP and RR scored half-centuries, which in itself is a rarity in T20 cricket.

But, what’s even more interesting is that the runs came from the unlikeliest of sources. Those runs proved to be the most crucial and most entertaining aspect of the game,

Rahul Tewatia’s arrival was a surprise at No 4, replacing his captain Steve Smith.

The move appeared to have backfired after he managed to score just 23 runs in 17 balls.

Just when people thought Tewatia had cost his team the game, he stepped up and did the unimaginable.

He went on to smash five sixes off of Sheldon Cottrell’s over to tilt the side in RR’s favour.

The Royals then managed to complete a record chase as Tewatia played his match-winning innings.

What Followed In Twitter Post The Rocking Innings Of Tewatia?

Source: India TV News

Twitter that initially bashed Tewatia for his low run rate went into back gear, and people were forced to eat back their words. By the end of the match, everyone lauded the heroic efforts of Tewatia, the game-changer.

Srikkanth tweets “That was an unbelievable finish! One thing this game taught me was that we can never give up; however bad the situation is in life! Tewatia started like a no 11 batsman but ended like a no.1 champ, unbelievable batting by @IamSanjuSamson and Tewatia! #IPL2020 #RRvKXIP”

Similarly, Sam Billings wrote, “Tewatia morphed into MSD.”

Yuvraj Singh, with whom Tewatia is being compared to now, went on to tweet, “Mr @rahultewatia02, no man no, thanks for missing one ball ! What a game congratulations to rr for a spectacular win !!! #RRvKXIP @mayankcricket great knock @IamSanjuSamson brilliant !”

Also, ICC tweeter handle writes “It rained sixes at Sharjah as Rahul Tewatia and Jofra Archer pulled off an unbelievable heist in the #IPL2020 Prior to that onslaught, Rajasthan Royals required 51 off 18 deliveries – they’ve won with three balls to spare.”

Harsha Bhogle who had earlier tweeted that Tewatia is making his team lose the game writes back saying,” He had almost lost it! Delighted for him that he could turn it around.”

Even Priety Zinta tweets saying that “What a roller coaster of a game. Congrats @rajasthanroyals for such an incredible chase. You guys were magicians tonight. Hard luck @lionsdenkxip Time to look forward & be positive.Many more games to go. Great lesson on Never writing any one off.”

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