Is Ted Cruz Daughter Gay? What Is The True Reason For Her Suicide Attempt?

One of Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) daughters has come out as bisexual and said she doesn’t agree with her father’s political views. Caroline Cruz, who is 13 talked about what it’s like to be the daughter of a senator in a video that went viral and has since been made private.

“A lot of people make snap judgments about me based on him,” she said. “However, I don’t agree with most of what he says.” Cruz talked about the benefits she and her sister, who are Ted Cruz’s two daughters, had, like getting “candy and gifts in the mail.” We also sometimes get to go places.”

But she said that she was worried about her safety because security people were following her “everywhere.” Cruz: “Like if I want to go for a walk around the neighbourhood or to my friend’s house or something, I have to have like two security guards behind me the whole time.”

Cruz also said that her father’s media team changed her outfit in the most recent family Christmas card. Cruz said she wore a crop top, but in the last picture, she was just wearing a regular knit shirt.

She showed her followers the real crop top in a mirror and said, “They made my shirt longer.” When people found out she was Ted Cruz’s daughter, they started taking screenshots of Caroline Cruz’s profile, which said her pronouns were “she/her” and “bi.”

When someone asked her about her sexuality, Cruz said that her father, who is well-known for being against LGBTQ people, would support her.

She said, “I haven’t told him yet because I’m kind of scared, but I don’t think he’d be mad about it.”

Caroline Cruz, Ted Cruz

Shortly after her account went viral and got more than 17,000 followers and 51,000 likes, Cruz made her profile private. The Daily Mail a British tabloid said that this was because her account had gone viral.

During his time in Congress, Ted Cruz has gone after LGBTQ rights and LGBTQ people many times. In a speech he gave last year at the CPAC conference for conservative politicians he yelled about French-kissing gay men and transgender women.

He also attacked the U.S. Army, saying that the “woke media” was trying to turn military members into “pansies” after a recruitment ad showed a female service member who had grown up in a lesbian household.

During his failed 2016 presidential campaign, Cruz tried to deflect criticism about how he treated gay people by saying, “ISIS is killing gay people and you want to talk about gay rights?”

Cruz said that the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision to make same-s*x marriage legal all over the country was “one of the darkest times in our country’s history.” During his tirade against marriage equality he also said that he thinks being gay is a “choice.”

Cruz is said to be thinking about running for president again in 2024. After the 2020 election he helped spread the lie that Donald Trump had been cheated out of the presidency, even though President Joe Biden won the most votes in the country and the electoral college.

After supporters of Donald Trump attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, there were calls for the Texas senator to step down. Cruz and another Republican senator, Josh Hawley, were accused of being “part of the big lie” that led to more than 2,000 people trying to stop the 2020 election results from being certified. After the attack five people died and at least 138 police officers were hurt.

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