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Taylor Swift: Deluxe Edition song ‘The Lakes’ now available to downloads/ streaming. Are the lyrics an answer to Kanye calling her a “snake”?

Taylor Swift has released a Deluxe Edition, song ‘The Lakes’, for her Folklore album. Earlier this song was made available only in the CD edition. Now, you can listen via download and streaming platforms as well.

The announcement via Instagram
source: Instagram

The album ‘Folklore’ reached its zenith of achievement. It debuted No.1 in the official UK album chart, now for almost three weeks. Its groundbreaking records, have snuggled Swift into the Billboards Top 100 and 200. Cardigan being No.1 in the Billboards Top 200 list.

The Lakes:

The Deluxe Edition song ‘The Lakes’, is a pastoral song written and produced by Swift and Jack Antonoff. Her motivation behind the song, takes her back to the Romantics, who delved in Nature worship and pastoral elegies. Her lyrics, “Is it romantic how all of my elegies eulogise me? I’m not cut out of all these cynical clones. These hunters with cell phones.” These lines reflect the contrast between serenity in the lap of nature and the artificiality of the present world. “Those Windermere peaks looks like a perfect place to cry,” are a lyrical allusion to Lake Windermere, England’s largest fresh water lake.

Swift wants to go back to ‘The Lakes’ where “all the poets went to die” as she believes she does not belong here. She also talks of her “beloved”, perhaps referring to Joe Alwyn who stands strong by her. The lyrics drove motivation from a trip with Joe Alwyn, and its where she wants to be lost! How beautiful!!

Taylor’s answer to Kanye?

“What should be overborrowed under my skin/ In heart stopping waves of hurt/ I’ve come to far to watch some namedropping sleaze/ Tell me what are my words worth.” The latter alliteration may refer to Wordsworth, one of thr greatest Romantic poet. Ahh also, these lyrics! Are they pointing out at someone? Someone’s ranch pictures of snake catching? A mellifluous dagger to the people who try to steal her goat? This is not the first time Taylor has stood up for herself.

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Her attacks are subtle and “Swift”. During the Grammy’s 2016, Taylor made her award winning speech. “There are going to be people all your way who, try to undercut your success or take credits for your accomplishments, or your fame. But if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you. Someday when you get where you are going and look around, there will only be you and the people who love you, who put you there and that will be the greatest feeling in the world.” Well! That speech was an answer to Kanye’s, “I made that Bitch famous.” Hell yea famous like some leaked tapes!

‘The Lakes’ will appear on 8 different Deluxe versions of the album. She also talks about her fondness with The Nationals. She shares her meeting with Aaron Dessner and their journey through the project.

Long way to go Tay! You go girl!!!

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