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Tattoo Addiction At Its Best! A Man Gets His Head Look Like A Skull After Getting His Ears Removed!

A man from Germany has done something quite bizarre in lieu of his tattoo addiction.

Tattoo Craze! Man Cuts His Ears To Make Head Look Like A Skull

This bizarre took place in Finsterwalde, Germany. As Sandro a 39 year old tattoo addict just removed his ears. And now stores them in a jar. The only reason he did his bizarre act because he wanted his head to look like a skull.

Source: Daily Mirror

Sandro who is quite popular on social media by the name ‘ Skull Man’ is being termed as a psychopath by many. His entire body is filled with tattoos. And he was undergone more than 17 modifications in his body.

He has got his tongue split and has implants in many parts of his body.

Thus removing his ears was also a part of the modifications.  And he has spent quite a lot to get these modifications done.

People are finding his act disturbing. And he is facing severe criticism for his extremity. But Sandro in a statement has said that he doesn’t care about people.

Because these transformations give him confidence. And his immense love and craze for tattoo is what makes him happy.

Future Plans

Well sandro has some other bizarre transformation plans for the future. As he plans to remove his nose tips. And also talked about getting tattoos in his eyeballs.

Source: Instagram

Isn’t that quite bizarre and maybe quite disturbing as well. But getting inked is what keeps Sandro happy. Therefore we can’t help it.

But according to doctors and other experts Sandro is really exploiting his body. Therefore it is getting him exposed to several diseases as well as disabilities . And hence might make him suffer in the years to come.

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