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ifc, Tammy Hembrow And New Boyfriend Matt Poole Having A Romantic Time At Currumbin Beach!! Here Are The Exclusive Details... - The Tech Education
Celebrity Hollywood

Tammy Hembrow And New Boyfriend Matt Poole Having A Romantic Time At Currumbin Beach!! Here Are The Exclusive Details…

Tammy Hembrow and Her New Relationship…

Tammy Hembrow has revealed her new relationship with Matt Poole. Their cosy moments can be spotted at Currumbin beach when they could not take off hands off each other. Both are spotted enjoying a lovely moment under the sun.

Source: Google

The influencer wore a tie-dyed, g-string bikini which showed off her famous cuts. Well her derriere is worth appreciating.  Furthermore, The skimpy swimwear top, in bright retro colours, struggled to maintain her ample assets.

Her Complete Look!

Tammy went makeup-free and wore her long, blonde hair down around her face. She was showing off her long white nails.

Moreover, Matt meanwhile flaunted his muscular physique in a pair of black shorts paired with a cap. Also, The couple also set up camp on the beach with an umbrella overhead and a cooler box in hand.

Speaking of Tammy’s children, they were also nearby enjoying what was a sunny day in the Sunshine State.

Source: Google

Moreover, The social media sensation’s day outcomes after she recently returned from a romantic getaway with her new boyfriend. The couple, along with a group of friends, jetted off to the Whitsundays.

 Tammy also, officially shared a photo of the pair together on her Instagram account. The couple has set up a wave of heat since their outing. Fans are really looking for the latest updates which will speak more about this new couple.

As soon as the new updates will arrive we will be the first to update you so that you can feed your curiosities.


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