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xf, 8a, v5, 7r, sd5, jrl, 8ye, 8r, ad, l48, b, 1ai, l, Anne Hathaway Spotted In NY As She Visits A Hair Salon In A Very Eye Grabbing Blazer Look! 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Anne Hathaway
Source: Daily Mail
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Anne Hathaway Spotted In NY As She Visits A Hair Salon In A Very Eye Grabbing Blazer Look! Check It Out

Anne Hathaway was recently spotted in New York after she visited a hair salon.

Anne Hathaway Spotted In NY

The 37 year old actress stepped out to visit a salon in NY recently. After a long period of being indoors and quarantining with her family, Hathaway was finally spotted outside. And it seems like she is all ready to kick start her work life after a long quarantine break.

Hathaway spotted a really casual as well as an elegant look as she came out of the salon after getting her hairs done.

Her Look

The Academy Winner wore a white t shirt and high waist denims. But what caught our eyes was her casual grey check blazer that she wore above her t-shirt. This blazer added elegance to her look. Apart from that Hathaway accessorized her complete look with some simple jewellery.

Anne Hathaway
Source: Daily Mail

And it comprised of a pair diamond ear studs and a bangle made of gold. As for her hairs she left open and this really added to her beauty. She also had a maroon leather hand back which was going really well with her attire. But the actress didn’t compromise with the safety protocols.

And thus donned a really adorable mask as a precautionary measure. It was a white mask with red lips drawn on it! As she walked towards her car, she was also seen carrying some shopping bags.

Her Upcoming Work

It is speculated that Hathaway is being considered for a movie based on the ongoing pandemic. Although the details has not been revealed yet but the project might go on the floors by the end of 2020.

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Anne Hathaway
Source: US Weekly

As per some sources Doug Liman has signed Hathaway for the lead role. Apart from that, her upcoming movie based on Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ will hit the screen early next year. The actress might resume the shooting of her pending films very soon abiding by all the safety protocols.

So it seems like she has a lot of projects to her kitty!

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