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Sweden: Violence Triggers In Sweden After Activists Burn A Copy Of Quran. Is This A Result Of Religious Fanaticism?

Sweden has become the victim of religious fanaticism. As violence has triggered all over the country over religious issues.

Sweden Riots: A Result Of Religious Fanaticism

The city of Malmo in Sweden is burning. As a violent protest erupted on August 28, thus injuring several people. And it can be termed to as a an act of religious fanaticism. Or more precisely an act of religious hatred.

Source: AP

So going to the root of this protest, it all began when member of Far-right Danish Party Stram Kurs burnt a copy of the religious book of Islam i.e the Quran. As this far-right activist party is known for its anti Islamic agenda.

And this was the reason they burnt the holy book. Therefore this act triggered the religious sentiments of the Muslims in the country.

And therefore a violent protest erupted. More than 300 people came out to protest against this act in Malmo, Sweden.  But it took a violent turn when protesters started pelting stones at the police and burnt tyres on the roads.

Although they were furious by the act of the Stram Kurs activists. But violence is never the solution of anything. Therefore several protesters were arrested for their violent act.

But were released later.

Moreover the protests in Sweden became more violent when they got a news that the leader of the Stram Kurs party Rasmus Paludan is coming to Malmo to speak at an anti-Islam event. This news created more rage in people as they thought that more anti-Islam activities will take place during the event.

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Therefore they started violent protests to bar the entry of Paludan in Malmo.

Who Is Rasmus Paludan?

Well he is the leader of the Far-right Danish Party Stram Kurs who are well known for their anti-Islam agenda. Ans he has been banned from entering Sweden since 2 years for igniting communal hatred among people.

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But this time he was trying to break the law and conduct an anti-Islam event in Malmo. Later he was arrested near Malmo. Actually Malmo and his party are against the welcoming of Muslim refugees in Sweden.

Because according to him, they are not safe and will be troublesome for Sweden.

Therefore he always tries to spread anti-Islam agenda thus resulting in religious hatred in the country.

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