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More Bad Reports To Come Out About Trump? The Atlantic’s Chief Says ” This Is Just The Beginning”

America’s President is trending for calling the dead soldiers and the one’s who service for him ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’. Atlantic’s Goldberg says that more reports are about to come. This is just the beginning. The entire nation is in a great shock for hearing these words. The chief further requests to the people and officers too to come forward and speak up.

“I would fully expect more reporting to come out about this. More confirmation and new pieces of information in the coming days and weeks,” Goldberg told CNN’s Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter.

Trump To Lash Out And Defend Himself From Reports!

Trump has already lashed out on tweeter at the correspondent Jennifer Griffin for reporting against him. However, he still doesn’t seem to accept his mistake and continue to defend himself. Moreover, He goes out and rats out about John Kelly being jealous of him and his success. Seriously?

His wife Melania Trump is also seen defending his husband even after all the chaos her husband has created. And she is not stopping anytime soon.

Keeping things still on his hand and showing  his respect to the dead soldiers, Goldberg stated that it’s their ‘ responsibility’ and he would do it anyway. Regardless of what the ‘President’ says.

Biden after keeping his silence came out too. But still sticking on his political game he didn’t even once blamed Trump. Instead, he blamed the reporters for being ‘un-american’ and ‘disgusting’.

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He became emotional thinking about his son Beau Biden when he died of brain cancer in 2015. Further, asking to the reporter about how they would feel if their sons and daughters were fighting in Afganisthan.

Goldberg also said about how Trump tried to threaten him. Again on his Favorite social media site ‘twitter’. Rest we hope that Trump doesn’t lash out at any other innocent for his mistakes.

Stay Tuned!

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