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0oq, ug, MI Captain Rohit Sharma Opens Up Why Ishan Kishan Didn't Came Up To
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MI Captain Rohit Sharma Opens Up Why Ishan Kishan Didn’t Came Up To Bat In The Super Over

MI Captain Rohit Sharma Opens Up Why Ishan Kishan Didn’t Come Up To Bat In The Super Over

IPL 2020 RCB v MI: Ishan Kishan belted nine sixes in his knock of 99.

On Monday, in the 10th Match of IPL, Mumbai Indians led by Captain Rohit Sharma lost against Royal Challengers Bangalore led by Virat Kohli. The thrilling match between the two teams in the UAE ended with a super over. This is the second super over of this season in the Indian Premier League.

MI player, Kieron Pollard hit a boundary off the final ball of the second innings and equalled RCB’s score of 201. Hence, the match ended with a super over. But, when the super over started, there was no sign of Ishan Kishan coming up to bat. Mumbai Indians’ Ishan scored 99 runs off 58 balls in the match.

Ishan Kishan
Source: BBC Hindi

Instead, Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya started the super over. The super over also stretched till the last ball of the over. In the end, RCB captain Virat Kohli hit a boundary and won the match. 

As Ishan didn’t play the super over and instead a soaking wet Ishan Kishan watched the match from the dugout. Later, MI Captain Rohit Sharma explained the reason behind this. 

“Kishan was drained out and was not comfortable. We thought we could send him, but he was not feeling fresh. I mean seven runs you need to have luck on your side, we had to get wickets, but there was also an unfortunate boundary. There are a lot of positives to take away from this game,” Rohit said after the match.


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