Star Wars Hunters

Star Wars Hunters Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


Hunters is a highly anticipated competitive arena combat game developed by Zynga for the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in 2022. The game is set after the Galactic Empire’s demise and includes a new cast of characters, including bounty hunters, rebel heroes, and imperial stormtroopers.

Stars Wars Hunters Gameplay

The game will pit players against one another in real-time in environments inspired by Star Wars locations. 

According to the official, it will be team-based, fast-paced, and visually stunning, with a varied cast of characters including a Wookiee warrior, a female Dark Side force user, a bounty hunter, and an Imperial Stormtrooper Nintendo website.

Zynga’s Star Wars: Hunters, unveiled at a February Nintendo Direct, is a new 4v4 arena battler that will be available on iOS and Android in addition to the Nintendo Switch and will support cross-platform play. 

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Following the first announcement, nothing was heard about Star Wars: Hunters, but in September, a new cinematic trailer was released, presenting some of the game’s backstory and characters. 

The game is set after the Galactic Empire’s demise and is a sort of reality game show in which participants compete in several venues themed after well-known locations in the Star Wars universe. 

I suppose you could compare it to an Overwatch vs. Smash TV scenario. That sounds amazing, but Zynga has now released a new video showcasing the gameplay in Star Wars: Hunters, and I can confirm that it looks excellent as well.

The trailer showcases the game in action and unveils the character list for Star Wars: Hunters. I’m not a fan of the latest hero shooter craze, but I enjoy that each character has a unique personality and narrative rather than being a generic Stormtrooper, generic Jedi, and Wookie. 

Visit the game’s official website to learn more about these characters and the locations seen in the video. While you’re there, you may also pre-register and contribute to the game’s unlocking of certain perks. 

Star Wars Hunters Release Date

Star Wars: Hunters are expected to debut in 2022 but is now in soft launch for Android in India, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and will enter soft launch on iOS devices early next year.

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Star Wars Hunters Trailer

Check out the trailer here:

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