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w4k, w, ld8, qfz, iaa, 89d, gg, c7z, uui, 5q, i6c, 57, SRK Reacts After Tendulkar’s Congratulatory Tweet On KKR's Performance: Says "Now Anything I Say About KKR Would Mean Nothing" -
Sachin and SRK
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SRK Reacts After Tendulkar’s Congratulatory Tweet On KKR’s Performance: Says “Now Anything I Say About KKR Would Mean Nothing”

Source: Business Upturn

SRK gave a fantastic reply to legendary former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s congratulatory tweet for KKR.

The team played amazing in the 12th match of IPL 2020 and took down RR by 37 runs in Dubai.

Youngster Shubman Gill became the top scorer of the match with 47 off 34 balls.

Both Eoin Morgan (34* off 23) and Andre Russell (24 off 14) also scored some decent runs.

KKR went on to put a good enough score of 174 runs for 6 wickets.

On the bowling front, Shivam Mavi and Pat Cummins got rid of the top three RR batsman, namely Smith, Buttler and Samson.

And by the end, RR could only manage to put a total of 137 for 9 on the board in their 20 overs.

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SRK And Tendulkar’s Reaction After KKR’s Amazing Performance Against RR

Source: Report Door

Amongst many fans and cricketers, Tendulkar also took to Twitter and congratulated the team on their win.

He tweeted “Important knock by @RealShubmanGill who played some good shots. @Russell12A’s brief cameo & good finish by @Eoin16 got @KKRiders to a decent score. Terrific bowling performance as well. Bowling changes were spot on & the team balance looked good, & a fantastic catch by the athletic Nagarkoti. @TC59’s 54 towards the end got @rajasthanroyals to a respectable total,”

SRK replied to the tweet and said that now his comment on the game wouldn’t mean that much.

SRK tweeted “Now anything I would say about @KKRiders & the boys will mean nothing. The great man has spoken.”

This was the first match where the Bollywood actor was present in the UAE, this IPL season.

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Also, with this win against RR, KKR is now in the second spot on the IPL 2020 points table.

The team will next face DC on October 3rd in Sharjah stadium.

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