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SNAP To Be The Ultimate Saviour As Benefits To Have An All Time-High Increase!

SNAP, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program is a scheme that helps people from the low-income section. This scheme has helped the United States Of America to fight hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

SNAP And It’s Benefits

SNAP helps needy people to keep going in their lives. It looks after all those issues which eventually result in lack of food. It lends a hand of help to all those who are in a difficult position of not being able to purchase food.

However, it does not provide the entire share of one’s food budget. SNAP only provides a part of it. The amount that one receives is proportionate to the level of income and number of members in the family.

Increase In The Snap Benefits

The COVID19 pandemic is spreading at speed all over the world. The US remains as one of the worst affected countries with the highest number of cases. Despite all the danger, people are not following necessary precautions of wearing a mask and following social distancing, thereby increasing the spread of the virus.

SNAP benefits to increase in October, that would help people with basic livelihood during this pandemic.


During this lockdown phase and the COVID hitting people, many have lost their source of livelihood. Considering all these factors, there will be an increase in the SNAP benefits. This increase is expected to be the highest increase of all time.

The average increase in SNAP benefits is usually 2% on an annual basis. However, this time, in October, it will rise to 5%. This will lead to a moderate increase in the amount and will be sufficient enough if spent wisely.

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