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: Believing That Attorney General Of Nevada's Exposed To Covid-19 Virus ! - The Tech Education
Nevada attorney officer
Source :freep.com
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Nevada Chief Medical Officer With An Extraordinary Request : Believing That Attorney General Of Nevada’s Exposed To Covid-19 Virus !

Nevada Chief Medical Officer Dr Robert Redfield on March early Saturday Night with a unique and extraordinary request. Former Nevada’s attorney general Adam Laxalt believes that he was exposed to Coronavirus while attending the Conservative a Political Action Conference in Maryland.

He Did show any symptoms and didn’t get home from a local hospital as per the interviews and the internal communications in the USA today receiving through requests on records. On the phone call, Redfield ask the medical officer, Dr Ihsan Azzam, to get it done.

Azzam, who never met or speak with Redfield earlier, is amazed. At the time, testing capacity around the country is scary, and people without symptoms often were not a priority.

“It is not in the Protocol, “Azzam says to a news channel in an interview. “He is a VIP Person” who is advising to get the test done for Coronavirus.

Nevada attorney officer
Source :freep.com

Just after that Azzam contact to the country health department in Reno and Fast-Tracked Laxalt’s test. Later Redfield contacted Azzam to “thank” him. The special treatment is a clear example of how Politics and power influence everything.

The time also came when many Americans needed to get a test, but they couldn’t due to the shortage of supplies.

Trump campaign’s Nevada co-chair, reverted in an email: “After CPAC it was clear I met the criteria for testing. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t a risk to my community. I obtained a rapid test and result. Fortunately, I tested negative.”

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