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Six Militia Group Members Charged For Allegedly Plotting The Kidnap Of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer - The Tech Education
Gretchen Whitmer
Source : cnn.com
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Six Militia Group Members Charged For Allegedly Plotting The Kidnap Of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

A militia group was allegedly planning to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Six People Arrested For Plotting The Kidnap Of Gretchen Whitmer

Six members of a Militia group have been arrested for planning the kidnap of Michigan Governor. And they plotted to kidnap her from her vacation home.

Gretchen Whitmer
Source: AP

But their plotting failed because Federal Bureau of Investigation already sensed their plot. And their plot was that they would kidnap Whitmer and ask for ransom money. Moreover they were also planning to put her on treason. But FBI with thorough investigation managed to nab the criminals.

Total 13 people were involved in the crime. And out of them six people were suppose to kidnap the governor and the other seven were deployed to target the police. So now after their arrest the FBI have found out that is specific Militia group was targeting to attack several officials.

And Gretchen was one of them.

The Governor’s Statement

Gretchen has stated that it was terrifying for her to know that the militia group was plotting to kidnap her. And she also said that this was unimaginable. She has thanked the FBI for their cooperation and has said that she is grateful that she and her family are safe.

Gretchen Whitmer
Source: AP

Apart from that she also criticized Donald Trump stating that he is unable to ensure the safety of the government officials. And she also blamed him for influencing militia groups to spread violence and anger. Apart from that she also said that as the elections are approaching these militia groups will make other violent plans to create unrest in the nation.

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And Trump should look into the matter. Apart from that she also urged the government to do something about the rise in crime rates in the US. Thus also requested that something has to be done to check on the formation of terror groups. Because these groups trigger violence in the US.

How Did FBI Sensed Their Plans?

As per FBI’s official statement they have been noticing that something was fishing since the beginning of 2020. And they could sense these things by monitoring some social media handles.

They eventually found out that the particular group was up to harming some governor. After proper investigation they reached to a conclusion that Gretchen would be the first victim of this group. That is when they decided to take action before it was too late.

Now all the thirteen accuses are in the custody. And the cops are trying to acquire more information about the militia group. There are also speculations that this group has already planned to harm some other government officials. And the FBI might get a trace of that soon.

Now we need to see whether Trump actually comments something on the security concerns of the government officials or he will chose to maintain silence as usual.

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